I’m dreaming of a white… Easter???

Jemima is sitting on the windowsill, staring out at the big, fluffy white flakes falling down. They’re even settling on all the recently turned earth around these parts. This is madness. It’s EASTER! It’s my birthday next week! Snow at my birthday? Unheard of.
Two days ago, it was actually snowing, raining, and hailing all at once – and the sun was shining, too. Not quite during the snow, but during some of the hail. Madness I tell you.
What’s it like where you are?

7 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a white… Easter???

  1. Welcome back online! The weather’s been weird here, too–a combination of sun, hail, and giant snowflakes a couple of days ago. It is sort of an early Easter this year, though.

  2. The year Easter and snow collided. I remember the year it snowed on my brother’s birthday, the 18th. Though the daffodils are bravely holding up their heads we’ve had mornings of frost and snow is down to 1000 in the mountains (Which means we can drive about 4 miles up the road to the snow. We’ve had normal crazy spring weather for NW Oregon which is just like what you experienced a couple days ago.
    Which day is your birthday??? 🙂

  3. Here (Portsmouth, UK) we’ve had overcast, rain, sleet, but no snow, sunshine, & a freezing cold Northerly wind.
    It was definitely warmer the weekend of Mothering Sunday – a couple of weeks earlier – though plants are further committed to the idea that this is actually Spring now. Something to do with day length rather than temperature, I think.
    Apparently twelve of the past fifty Easters have been snowy, which is a higher rate than for Christmases.

  4. It’s warm and sunny here, but very windy. And you can tell by the definite chill in the air as soon as the sun goes down that autumn is on its way. The trees are starting to change colour as well. Also, my cats have converted to burrowing mode at night.

  5. Oh my gosh!
    PLEASE send some snow this way??? (wishful thinking I know, but I really really wanna knit mittens!)
    Perth Aust.:
    Warm, but not uncomfortably hot. Really windy.
    Happy birthday!!

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