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A knittea party

This afternoon was a special occasion: the first Purlescence Open House. I opened my doors for a few eager knitters to come and hang out, drink tea, knit together, and oh yes… maybe do a little shopping.
We had a great time. Mel brought some amazing brownies. I meant to take photos, but was too busy having fun… sorry! Anyway, all was going well; there was a little civilised yarn fondling, a little sharing of knitting tips and showing off of FOs, a lot of cookie eating (or was that just me?). Good times.
And then I suggested that maybe people wanted to take a peek at the stockroom.
Apparently a handful of really excited knitters seems like a lot more than a handful; Armin flatly refused to believe there weren’t at least double the actual number of us running upstairs and squealing. Drawers were pulled out. People were squatting on the floor rifling through the goods, oohing and aahing at what they discovered. (Earlier, Stephanie – a new Ravelry friend – had asked excitedly: “Are you going to stock rosewood needles?” Oh, my dear, what you don’t know…) There was squeezing, and stroking, and dithering, and a fair amount of cooing and sighing. And then there was begging. “Will you do this again, Robynn?” “Can we come back?” “Please!” “I’ll make more brownies!”
Brownies? Oh all right then.
I’m thinking of making it a monthly event. The next one should be on Saturday 23 May. If you want to join the mailing list, please leave a comment. I would really love to meet more of you!

6 thoughts on “A knittea party

  1. Ummm…. I think maybe you need to do a Skype videochat hookup for those of us who can’t currently afford airfare to London.

  2. Well, really, how can I refuse an offer like that – especially as you are practically on my doorstep (we live off Osterley Road!) Count me in please!

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