Fame at last!

Recently I was invited to talk to the lovely Sally and Justine of new podcast Miss Flip Knits. This being an opportunity to talk about me, and knitting, and me knitting, naturally I accepted with delight. It was very fun indeed. And now you can hear the results. (They also talk to Jon of Easyknits, who seems a very fine fellow.)
It’s very strange hearing myself talk, I must say. Even though everybody always says it. I don’t claim much originality. But it’s strange. I kept thinking how much I sound like my cousin Sandra. Jill, this episode should give you plenty of accent geek enjoyment – you have slightly-South-African me, Kiwi Justine, and Sally from… I have no idea where Sally’s from. But she sounds lovely.

4 thoughts on “Fame at last!

  1. I think Sally’s from the Liverpool area – she sounds a lot like my friend Gabi. But my accent-identifying mojo isn’t what it once was, so Sally – if I’m wrong, SORRY!!
    You’re right – it’s a festival of accents!!

  2. Hi – I’m actually from Middlesbrough in the North East of England. Jill isn’t too far off – just the East Coast rather than the West… Thanks again for allowing us to interview you Robynn – hopefully we’ll meet up again soon.

  3. I’m just getting around to listening to this now. What fun! I love these exotic accents, and hearing about the shop, your moebius, etc. with all the coffeeshop noises in the background.

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