Camera dump

I just got around to downloading a heap of pictures that have been accumulating on my phone for a while. Time to share…
Have you seen Ikea’s new finish on the Billy range?
Jemima thinks my yarn basket would be the perfect cave, if I’d only let her tip it over for easy access.
And some snaps in Osterley Park – very near our new home, and where I now go for my morning run. Lucky me!
I was thinking that a picnic here would be a wonderful thing to do for Knit in Public Day, but that was before I heard about the iKnit treasure hunt. Still – maybe another day. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Camera dump

  1. Ooooh – love Osterly Park. Gorgeous. I would absolutely set up a picnic – treasure hunting sounds too exhausting!
    Also, Jemima looks incredibly sweet.

  2. Jemima is indeed incredibly sweet. And yet also completely bonkers. She’s the most entertaining cat.
    I too think a treasure hunt sounds exhausting! So glad it’s not just me… but I’m sure everyone will be doing it, and for that matter I will probably regret it if I don’t join in.

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