On catching up

In the interests of preserving (or possibly retrieving) some base level of sanity, I’ve cleared my diary for a couple of weeks so that I can Catch Up on assorted admin-y and strategic tasks. This clearly shows my genetic predisposition to lunatic levels of optimism. I am not an Idjit; I know full well what generally happens in situations like this. I am prepared to face the possibility that my two weeks will end and I’ll feel very little advanced on where I’m at now, if at all. (I’m already cursing at those unavoidable social engagements that are interrupting my precious Catching Up time. Friends! Pah! How dare they want to see me!) But yet, I have to believe it’s possible to make progress, because, well, otherwise I’ll cry.
So far, progress has been slow. Not entirely non-existent, but slow. My time and energy has naturally been distracted by such things as (1) a houseguest, (2) doing battle with The Devil (also known as Parcelforce). And of course the sun is shining, the world is looking particularly beautiful, and it does seem rather cruel that I should be stuck inside working. But there it is. I’ll probably feel happier in the long run if I spend these gorgeous, golden afternoons at my desk rather than in the park.
I am also hoping that as this “catching up” lark progresses, I may find time to catch you all up on my knitting progress. (Yes! There has been some!) No promises… but one can hope.
Meanwhile, I’m plotting a knitty picnic in Osterley for later in the summer. Not on WWKIP day (I know better than to try to compete with the draw of iKnit’s scavenger hunt), but a picnic natheless. Perhaps on an Open House day – picnic first, stockroom devastation later. Sound like fun?

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