Some things I can do

Stand still without falling over.
See straight.
Talk without slurring (at least up till my second or third cocktail).
Walk unassisted.
Expect to live for more than another 7 years.
Turns out, my friend Lucy’s father can no longer say the same, thanks to progressive supranuclear palsy. Which is why our team for the British 10k is running in aid of the PSP Association. Lucy says they have been a big help to her family.
I’m not really very comfortable with fundraising, for all sorts of not very good reasons. Usually when I race, I do it for me, and I don’t ask for sponsorship. But now I’m asking. I bet you’ve never heard of PSP before, and I bet you’d be really glad this association existed if someone close to you was diagnosed with it. So this is for Lucy. I would really appreciate it if you would sling a couple of quid into the pot. Thank you.

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