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Mmmm, beads!

The first things I ever knit were Barbie clothes. Having mastered those, somehow I wasn’t at all intimidated by the thought of upscaling A Lot to make a jersey for myself. So almost the first things I ever knit were adult-sized sweaters (this was around age 14 I think; there was a bit of a break between Barbie and really diving into knitting, but not that much; I took a long time to give up on Barbie). I totally skipped the knit accessories stage; I think the first accessories I ever made were done in the past year or so. So this lace ribbon scarf is – to the best of my recollection – only the third scarf I’ve ever made. Wait, the fourth, if you include the mobius. (I gotta make me another mobius. Too much fun! I want a Prickle.*)
Anyway, so having gone about it all a bit backwards and learnt to knit scarves so very long after doing big complicated jerseys, you know what I find?
Scarves are BORING.
Of course, there’s a place in the world for boring knitting. Really there is. But wow, this thing is starting to drag. It’s a two-skein scarf and having just recently joined the second ball, I found myself pretty oppressed at the thought of just how much longer I have to keep going, without any funky shaping or plot twists to hold my attention.
So I thought maybe I’d chuck in some beads to make things a bit more interesting. What do you think? Will these do?
* Have you noticed that we have a smattering of patterns for sale, now? Lovely Orata offered them to me, and I’m really excited because I think they go so well with some of our yarns. I’m hoping to bring you more patterns and kits in due course.

6 thoughts on “Mmmm, beads!

  1. The scarf is absolutely gorgeous but why not pop into town for a look around the shops in/around Neal Street before you commit 100% to those beads…?
    (Just for the heck of it, if nothing else!)
    If you can wrangle it during the week, I could pop out from work for lunch and a bead browse with you?!

  2. I’ve also started the Lace ribbin scarf – I’m finding it great travel knitting into and out of work. You remember the Pumpkin Camelspin I got from you when I came over for the Friday open house? It looks lovely… Thank you for tempting me into it!

  3. Found it really boring too – so I frogged mine! I like the idea of adding beads though – hope it peps it up a bit for you!

  4. Ah no, Stash Siren, you frogged it? What a pity. I actually do like the way it’s looking, I’m just sick of knitting it. I like my projects to have a bit of shaping to hold my attention.
    Anna, temptation appears to be my thing. πŸ™‚ I imagine it looks gorgeous in the Camelspin. I love that Pumpkin! Must definitely get much more of that colour.

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