On baking

You’ve probably noticed how many knitting blogs also feature a high dose of cooking content. Apparently the domestic arts really are quite closely connected for a lot of people. Not for me so much; I love me some food, I quite enjoy cooking, as long as it doesn’t take too long and I don’t have to do much measuring of ingredients. (There are only three measurements in my kitchen: A Bit; Some; or Lots.) I enjoy ogling the perfectly iced cupcakes, I salivate over the fudgey brownie delights, but I don’t generally go off and try it at home. So my blog has, alas, been largely devoid of baking content, and I am woefully behind the curve.
Which is why it gives me great pleasure to announce that, right now, I have a bun in the oven.
I trust that will satisfy the demands of the bake-blogging contingent.

25 thoughts on “On baking

  1. Congratulations! Oh, and baby knitting is much more interesting and exciting than scarf knitting (I’d guess, I’ve never actually knitted a scarf).

  2. Conga-ratty-lations! GOOD POST – I wondered what them at the Yarn Yard on Ravelry were going on about until I got it! Must be contagious this bun in the oven lark – we have two of our S’NB group is a similar state. Lots of little bootees, shawls, vests on the needles.

  3. Thanks Tut! I did have fun writing this. Simply saying it right out would have been far too easy.
    Natalie, it’s only due in March – faaaaar away. (Yes, I may be announcing a bit early, but I’m crap at keeping secrets.)

  4. Robynn – congrats to you both on this wonderful news!
    I think this baby will be well catered for in both knitted loveliness, and admiring honourary aunts…

  5. Thanks all! Gosh, where did all these readers come from?
    Due in mid-March. As you can see it’s still very early days so that’s about as specific as I can get.

  6. Let me add my congrats to all the rest. You’ll be snowed under with baby knits, no lack of luverly little garments to keep this baby cosy.

  7. Oh my God – congratulations!!! That’s awesome news! I just had my first scan today – its all so exciting! 🙂 Hope you’re not feeling too rotten!

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