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Huh? Where’d my mojo go?

The problem with this pregnancy lark is the unexpected side effect that I’ve completely lost the desire to knit. Seriously. I never imagined that could happen. But then, I am so very tired I can barely lift my fingers to type. (Getting to the post office this morning was an act of superhuman heroics, I tell you.) I went to Camp Bestival this weekend, and while it was utterly lovely, I do feel sorry for my poor Armin – a pregnant woman is not the best festival company. No drinking, no energy to dance… I wandered around in a semi-stupor going “ooh look, some lovely grass, let’s sit down” and “bring brownie!” at regular intervals. I slept throughout both train journeys, there and back (think of all the lost knitting time!), and most of yesterday too (to recover after my very exhausting travels, natch). I popped into the famed knitting tent, to say hi to Gerard; it looked fabulous and they were totally swamped with knitters – I hear Kate Nash joined them! – but I was too tired to join in.
This is ludicrous. I’ve never in my life been too tired to knit. I wouldn’t have believed anyone who said it could happen. But here I am, useless. Useless I say! How is this baby going to be clothed? What will happen to my languishing WIPs? To say nothing of the Winter Wonderland coat I so wanted to make for this winter. Alack! Alas! Useless!

6 thoughts on “Huh? Where’d my mojo go?

  1. Hey, the tiredness usually improves after the first trimester – just have everything ready for a 2nd trimester knitting dash!
    Sounds as if it’s been a good year for festivals in the UK.

  2. It’s true, unless you’re very very unlucky you get your mojo back around week 14 and start glowing. The nesting frenzy starts later on 🙂

  3. I’ve never been through the pregnancy thing myself, but I would say that based on observation – I’d agree that you’ll probably perk up after the first 3 months.
    In any event – you can relax – I expect you’ll find there are one or two knitters out there who’ll make sure the baby isn’t naked for too long!! 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Don’t worry the tiredness does get better after the first trimester. I had tiredness and morning sickness to contend with. Ugh!
    Enjoy the pregnancy. Sleep lots because that’s what your body wants you to do.

  5. It’s distressing I know, but it does come back, promise!! You just have to hoard pretty yarn in the meantime!!!!

  6. Poor you, you have my deepest sympathy, I was exactly the same[she is 29 now!]I could have fallen asleep on a washing line,plus absolutely terrible nausea[all the way through,sorry!] Mind you, you blink and they are teenagers, now that was something else!!

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