…or, er, not

Well. In my last post, I graciously elided the painful will-I-won’t-I backstory to the holiday, involving 5 weeks of very fraught bureaucratic hassling, for purposes of retrieving passport from clutches of Home Office, for purposes of holiday.
This backstory has decided it doesn’t like to be ignored, it wants its place in the limelight, and like a trashy little no-good wannabe, it doesn’t care who or what it has to step on to make it to the A plot.
Which is my very convoluted way of saying: holiday, I can’t haz it. Or rather, I could haz it, but I would have to haz at least one more week of it than I bargained for while fighting more bureaucratic evils, for purposes of being allowed back in the UK at the end of it, and really that isn’t an option. Especially with iKnit day and all. So there ya go. I don’t go. I stay.
*le sigh*
Eh. Who needs calamari anyway.

10 thoughts on “…or, er, not

  1. Oh noes!!!! Stupid Home Office, you should get the Arminator to go kick some ass.
    I’ll try to send you some calamari in the post.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that, Robynn! Living overseas myself, I understand the hassle that can go into some of these trips. I feel for you, and hope the next trip works out better! Thinking of you.

  3. Ohhh noooooooooooooooo – that’s awful. Can’t you camp outside a passport office or an embassy or something to be able to make your family reunion? Nggg.
    If you really cannot go, I vote for an outing to Don Fernandos in Richmond for tapas. They do calamari, of just the type that you would avoid if you were looking forwards to the real McCoy. But they do snails. Um, really. And okay paella. And stuff…it’s no consolation of course but we can try our best to distract you?

  4. oh no! was hoping you will hook up with me! forget the calamari… not important
    anyhow wool here is not as nice as in uk….
    homeoffices are such a drag!
    same thing happened to me- but im in capetown wanted to go home (switzerland) and havent gotten my renewalpermit which i have been waiting for for 3months now??!! and now i gotten so busy at work i cant take holidays… well you go get wool ill get some calamari and well hook up over the rainbow 😉

  5. Abi, if you’re talking about the calamari, that is my whole point: Cape calamari is not tough and chewy! It is tender and unbelievably delicious. Sob.
    Thanks all for your sympathetic noises. It is so very frustrating. But on the plus side, I don’t have to face long-haul travel with morning sickness. One must count one’s blessings…

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