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Lentils again

You may remember I talked, ages ago, about the experience of eating wholesome food and how it sometimes just seems to go on a bit longer than you’d like? And how that was like knitting a lace shrug? “Dear god, am I still knitting this?”
Well, it’s also like knitting a lace scarf.
This lace scarf, to be precise.
It’s Anne Hanson’s Alhambra, in Suri Blue. It’s a lovely, simple, graceful pattern. The yarn is gorgeous. The colours are fabulous. (Though I’m not entirely sure they all know the value of teamwork. Those yellow flashes are maybe a bit distracting. Hm. The jury’s out.) I’m kind of sick of it, though.
I had the same problem with the Lace Ribbon scarf, although there was a lot less of that. I think I’m just not cut out for knitting scarves (or rectangular-y shrugs, for that matter). I can only be entertained by the stitch pattern for so long, and then, come on! Don’t you have some shaping for me? Can’t we mix it up a bit? Is this really going to be just miles and miles of the same old stitchery? Oh dear.
Probably a concern, then, that I’ve promised Armin not one, but TWO scarves. And would quite like some more myself. They’re so darn useful, scarves. Warm! Pretty! Um, warm!
Really boring though.
So you might think that by way of contrast, if nothing else, I’d be reaching in great delight for my other WIP, the Baby Surprise Jacket.
I mean it’s small, intriguingly shaped… if not instant gratification, it’s surely pretty damn quick gratification, right? And the yarn is lovely. (Trust me on this. Don’t trust my cameraphone. Trust me. Gorgeous Indigo Moon sock yarn in Wasabi and Autumn Harvest.) There’s nothing not to like. And I don’t dislike it. But… it’s just not lace, you know?
I really am in a lace frame of mind. And I’m so loving the Suri Blue. It’s beautiful, and warm, and light, and totally lovely. And I’m using Ed Jenkins needles, oh my. I tell you, slipping those smooooth points through laceweight alpaca is really almost salaciously delicious. It’s such a pleasure.
And yet I’m bored.
Is this also just a pregnancy thing, I wonder? I lost all interest in the projects I had on the go before the dread first trimester blahs – two pairs of perfectly innocent, well-intentioned socks, not to mention a nearly-done sweater, all got tossed aside ruthlessly. Just couldn’t be bothered, as much as I did try. (And this is very not like me. My old monogamous habits die hard; I may have given in to promiscuous knitting, but I finish what I start, dammit.)
Anyway, maybe I just have a short attention span. Maybe I need to focus on tiny little pretty things. Lace baby jackets, for instance. Shouldn’t that be getting all my hormones pumping right now?
I want lace for ME.
Pregnant, but apparently… still selfish.

5 thoughts on “Lentils again

  1. You need a February Baby Sweater–tiny! Lace! Shaping!
    And then you need a matching February Lady Sweater for a Grown-Ass Woman! Lace! Shaping! For you!

  2. The Alhambra scarf is gorgeous – and my advice is, if it’s boring you, let it marinate for a while. Do something else. It will begin a siren song again.
    I just finished a lace ribbon scarf (but a skinny version), but my blocking board… ahem…. guest bed is covered with CRAP from our bathroom renovation, and I can’t block it! WAAAH!

  3. I don’t think a bit if selfishness just now is such a bad thing – soon enough you’ll find it hard (at least for a while) to pay yourself due attention; I say do it now while you can!
    And have you thought of doing a scarf but having more than one pattern? Or knitting on an edging? I did that with my multi coloured River – added a long edging when I got bored of the main pattern.
    I love your Alhambra as it is, though. That’s one I want to make! (Those swirls of increses and decreases around the YOs are my delight!)

  4. Oh, I couldn’t bear to let this “marinate” for a while, it’s against my nature. Plus, I’m really impatient to have it done so I can wear it (need that warm alpaca scarf cosiness!). And it’s not boring me to the point of distraction yet, as the Lace Ribbon Scarf did. I’m just whining a bit.
    February Lady Sweater, btw – never going to happen. It’s cute but not my style at all, and I think would be hopelessly unflattering on me. Not think, actually. Know.

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