Let’s twist again…

Okay okay, I should just stop with the silly wordplay already. At least until I can think of something a bit wittier.
I just wanted to point out that the new Twist Collective is up. Wow. Love it all. But especially the Sylvi coat – aren’t you just desperate to make this?
…and Vivian (see the way the cables organically shift and expand on the front to create shaping? *so* up my alley), and Dietrich, and Broderie… yup… pretty much love it all.
In fact it’s so brilliant, I wish to lodge a complaint. How’s a girl supposed to find time to design anything for herself, with all this temptation in her way? How? How? What about my fledgling Brilliant Career*? Huh? Tch. Some people, so thoughtless.
* There’s actually an interview with “designer Robynn Weldon” in the new Let’s Knit. I feel like a bit of a cheat, with my single published pattern, but it was fun.

3 thoughts on “Let’s twist again…

  1. Robynn, I am in chunky sweater coat hell right now–my Flicca coat is about 99% done after AGES and it’s not looking so great (who’da thunk it, chunky sleeves make my arms look giant! and the collar is looking far too small for my taste)… And yet all I can do is keep opening the page for Sylvi and gazing longingly at it with my fingers itching to cast on NOW. And everyone keeps posting about it. It’s like torture! Plus, I need to make Christmas presents! I need more time and more hands.

  2. That coat is just a dream, The thought of the time that took to knit scares me though. It one of those start now put down finish in time for next winter knits!

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