I smell flannel!

Most excellent good news, people! This Sunday has been declared an International Pyjama Day.
The last time Celia did one of these, I only heard about it the day after. Not this time. I am prepared. It’s in the diary. I’m busy thinking about where my clean pjs are and whether I have time to buy new ones. (I could use ‘em. (More) big snuggly flannel ones. In, um, a larger size.) Also plotting the knitting, the tv viewing and the provisions. These things don’t just happen, you know. One must be properly prepared.
Armin’s on night shift, so he’ll be having a pyjama day by default, but I don’t really think that counts. It’ll be up to me and Jemima to ensure sufficient pyjama dedication in our household. I think we’re up to it. How about you?
Now, I suppose one should liveblog one’s pyjama day. But for me, it wouldn’t be a true pyjama day if I switched on the computer. So I’ll report back on Monday. See you on the other side!
PS: Ooh, look at the weather forecast. Great timing!

One thought on “I smell flannel!

  1. Joined in with PJ day. ONly got back to normal life today, head still in PJ mode yesterday. It was wonderful. When is the next one?
    PLease post how things are going with you and baby, how you are feeling, how long to go etc.
    Also using beautiful needle case I bought from you at Ally Pally, they are wonderful, thank you.

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