Something to look forward to

Some good news that’s been revealed recently, which you may or may not have heard: January wil see the launch of a brand new UK knitting magazine. Yes, I know we’ve seen a few of those in recent years and frankly, most of them have been disappointing. (Honourable exception here goes to Yarn Forward; after a pretty rocky start, with lots of production hiccups etc, I think it is really starting to come into its own. If you haven’t read it recently, go pick up a copy – they’re in Tesco and WH Smith now, even, every month! I think you’ll be impressed, though I still want to see more challenging projects.)
Anyway, so you may be a little cynical about yet another new launch. But I think we have reason to be optimistic. It’s from Future Publishing, the stable behind Simply Knitting, which means it is well-resourced. Unlike SK, though, it’s targeted at advanced knitters, and styled to be rather more sophisticated than its sister mag. (I’ve had a sneak peek at some early pages, and the layout and art direction look beautiful.) I hear that designs are being commissioned from top, top names, who are being given free rein to do more challenging work than most magazines allow. And the editor, Juliet Bernard, happens to be a Purlescence customer, so you know she’s got taste. (She’s also been a great friend of Purlescence in her professional capacity as PR, by the way; although we never officially worked together, she’s been very helpful to me. We like Juliet, and are very pleased that she’s at the helm.)
Want to know more? Lookee. I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Something to look forward to

  1. I’m always a sucker for a new magazine (don’t ask how many I have coming into the house every month), and this looks nice.
    Do you happen to know where they plan to sell it? Shall I try my local Tesco, for example? I don’t want to commit to a sub yet. (Maybe on 8th Jan…)

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