It just never gets old. Fluffy white stuff falls from the sky, and it changes everything. It feels like I’ve been transplanted from my everyday life into somewhere entirely magical… at the very least I must have suddenly been beamed over to Switzerland! Surely!
Armin and I went for a walk this morning. I thought I’d be too tired to make it all the way to Osterley Park – a whole 15-20 minutes away! Not a lot of course, but I’ve been finding that quite tiring lately – so I was just going to go as far as the little strip of green at the top of our road. But that was so pretty, and I was so energised and excited by it, I had to go on to Osterley.
It really felt like I was on holiday – not just in the sense of not working, but far away, totally removed from the day-to-day. I was thrilled. I had been really disappointed not to make it to Switzerland this winter (we had hoped to visit Armin’s family for Christmas) – today it felt like Switzerland had come to me instead. What bliss!
Course I did get suddenly very exhausted on the way home, but luckily there was a cafe to stop at for a mocha. Only problem? I was in such a Swiss state of mind, I really wanted a rumpunsch and strudel…
More pics here, and just for fun, a tiny little movie here.

3 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Oooh. Bin trawling through the flickr pics… all so beautiful! Particularly love the red drops in the top pic 😮
    Yay Switzerland for coming to you!

  2. Wow, I was in Osterly Park as well that day. It was beautiful and magical! You don’t know me but you sold my boyfriend then, now fiance ,a pair of the Betty blue needles( which i still love almost two years ago). Now I’m living here in Isleworth and it was sweet to read that your day sounded alot like ours. First the library, Osterly park, and then Park Cafe for a nice tea on the way home. Thanks for sharing.

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