Race for Life; or, sweaty in pink!

As some of you will already know, Ravelry’s AlpacaAddict (aka Vanessa) is organising an iKnit team to take part in Race for Life on 6 May in Battersea Park. I’ve signed up; we’ll all be knitting our way around the 5km course, with pink strips to go to the Jenny Chant Appeal afterwards. Craig and Gerard are supporting the effort with a fabulous £100 donation… which of course I consider a challenge (competitive, moi?), so I’ve done the same on behalf of Purlescence.
If you’re in London, please join us! It’s a good cause, a great venue, a fun challenge, and come on… don’t you want to be part of the group making bystanders go “what is it with all those nutty knitters?”
If you’re not in London – your support by way of donations would be very much appreciated. I am sure you know someone whose life has been scarred by cancer, we all do. Supporting research into the disease really can make a difference. So if you can toss just a couple of quid into the pot, that will help us reach our fundraising goal, and might really help those fighting cancer now and in the future.
PS. Last year I asked for donations when I ran the British 10k race, and thank you very much to my supporters! I also said then that I don’t normally do the fundraising thing, and wouldn’t ask you very often. Well, I’m getting over myself and my diffidence. Raising money for charity is a Good Thing and I should do more of it. I give you fair warning that I am going to run the 10k again in July – who knows, I may do more races after that also – and will certainly be asking for your support. I hope I don’t get too annoying, but you know you don’t have to pay attention… thanks for your indulgence!

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