Quirky yet dull

Tagged by Glittrgirl, and slow to respond (see: growing a person, difficulty of), here are six “quirky yet boring” things about me.
(At first I thought this would be hard. Turns out it’s the easiest list ever! It’s remarkably hard to think of things about myself that are quirky and interesting, but boring? No problem. I’m basically dull. Yay!)
1. I feel very strongly about the best way to eat Nutella. It’s got to be on white bread or (preferably) croissants, and – this is the quirky part – ideally, it should be combined with black cherry jam. Also good with orange marmalade. There are those who argue that as a milk chocolate spread, it is not suitable for cherry or citrus flavours, but they are wrong. Nutella and jam. Go forth and spread the word.
2. I find it extremely hard to work with a messy desk. Yet my desk is almost always messy. Tsk tsk. You’d think I’d learn.
3. I fail to understand why cat people and dog people can’t all just get along. They’re all fluffy and delightful! Why must we choose sides? (But at a pinch: cats, of course.)
4. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person. For years I resisted getting a mobile phone. Then, when I turned freelancer and absolutely had to be contactable, I got by on the simplest, cheapest antique I could find. (Strangers laughed at me on the street. Seriously.) It was actually a point of pride with me to keep my phone as basic a tool as I possibly could. Until… until cameraphones started to turn out decent enough pics to be worth having, and then suddenly, I became a cameraphone ho, always eagerly hanging on till the next upgrade and drooling over new models. I think I’m over that, though. I think I have reached the point at which more megapixels doesn’t really mean better pictures, and I can stick with my C902 quite happily for a few more years.
5. I am the Queen Procrastinatrix. (This probably has something to do with #2 above.) My head is full of plans for exciting things I mean to do, yet somehow it’s very hard to actually achieve any of them. I live in hope, though. One day, surely I will unearth a treasure trove of round tuits, and then, oh! The things I will do!
…Not sure this counts as quirky, really – most people procrastinate – but I think it’s quite an unusual trait for someone who manages to always have a side project of some kind on the go; balancing overcommitment and procrastination is quite the art form, let me tell you.
6. I will never write in pen where pencil will do. This has nothing to do with fear of commitment – the feeling of a 2B on paper is just infinitely more pleasant than any kind of ink. Pencils rock.
7. Bonus round: I don’t like tagging people for memes. For one thing, half the time the people I would tag have already done it; for another, I end up either tagging people who hate doing memes, or forgetting people who would really love to do it and feel sad they don’t get named. (I might be imagining that part, but I’ve felt like that myself from time to time.) So: you! Wanna play? Leave a link in the comments if you do.

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