A glorious thing

Still no baby. I have finished the jacket, sort of, but all of my buttons seem to have mysteriously vanished. Really very confusing. So I’ve ordered new buttons. Do you think baby will consider the jacket finished even though buttonless? I mean the ends are sewn in and everything…
Of course this sort of thing will never happen again, because I have a Shiny Knitting Cupboard of Organisational Joy, and will never again lose important Bits. Never. The cupboard won’t let me. Look! Isn’t it shiny?
cupboard int.jpg
Hm. Okay, I admit, it doesn’t look so hot there. Sort of messy actually. But it isn’t! It’s beautifully tidy! All my stash is sorted into neat little boxes and bags and such (the bottom part is largely baskets devoted to intended projects-to-be), all my tools are similarly arranged, my messy design files are… well… still very messy design files, but all cosied up together and willing to cut me a break because after all I’ve at least got them sitting there with the yarn where they belong, for once. And like that. And of course, as soon as I close the doors, it’s all tucked away and nobody (*coff* Armin *coff*) could possibly complain about knitting taking over the house any more.
(The balloons? Oh, the balloons were from the baby shower. Armin put them up there and I quite like ’em; I think they make the cupboard look like a very tall and dignified man in a paper party hat. Every now and then one floats down and Jemima plays soccer with it. Too cute.)
So yes, I’m pretty thrilled with my cupboard. It’s a very cool thing to finally – FINALLY – have all my knitting/crafty wherewithal in one room, which just so happens to be the room I’ll actually use it in. (I was very happy a year ago to have most of it – not all – but most of it in the spare room, which I thought looked like a lovely cosy place to knit. Well, it might be, but I wouldn’t know, because I never have time to just sit and knit. I knit in front of the telly. So that’s where it all is now. Yay!) There is a small amount of overspill; a little bit of extra stash is sitting in these baskets here:
more stash.jpg
And of course my books and magazines don’t fit in the cupboard – they get their own shelves on the other side of the room:
knit books.jpg
But it’s all neat and tidy and together. No more running up and down stairs and into three different rooms to find the stuff I need to plan my next project. See? A Shiny Cupboard of Organisational Joy. (Armin likes it too. Mostly because it makes it easy for me to put my stuff away so he doesn’t sit on it.)
Incidentally, are you surprised at how little there is? Or how much? Or is it about what you’d imagined?

5 thoughts on “A glorious thing

  1. Ohh, cupboard envy! Funny enough, Phleep and I were thinking about getting/making a very similar structure, to fit in the corner of our lounge behind the big wing doors. At the moment the floor next to where I sit and watch TV (ok, mostly Star Trek, don’t judge me :P) is littered with baskets and stand-up bags of WIPs and needles. Luckily this is right next to the wing door so I can hide it away. I do have a traditional cupboard, with lots of shelves, in the back room (aka the Cat Litter Room) where all my stash and books live.

  2. I would love to have such a great cupboard of knitting organisational joy. I have a coffee table with stuff over and under, and bags scattered around etc etc.
    And erm – yes that’s quite a lot of stuff if it doesn’t include a stash. I could use the whole cupboard for my stash, and then all the bits/stuff would fit in the basket.
    But there is still no room in my flat for the cupboard (sigh).

  3. Oh it does include stash (most of the bottom part, plus most of the boxes in the top part) – just not the entire stash. There is overspill in the separate baskets as photographed. Few of the yarn boxes/baskets etc are actually full; there is Room for Growth. đŸ˜€

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