Such cuteness!

I knew I needn’t have worried about my own failure to envelop Claudia in a mountain of woolly warmth from birth. (She’s already almost outgrown the surprise jacket. I am working on a Tulip cardi, but who knows whether it’ll be done before her 2nd birthday?) Knitters far and wide have leapt into action and sent much gorgeousness. Behold!
jo jacket.jpg
From Jo, aka Ravelry’s firstfallen. Isn’t it lovely! The little pearl buttons on the bootees… too sweet.
Another Raveller, Twoblackcats (Lisa), made this little delight. If memory serves me right, it was also Lisa who surprised and delighted me at Ally Pally by showing up in a version of my Twist & Shout. She likes a cabled jacket, does Lisa. Good girl.
Zina/Globaltraveller (yes, another Raveller; isn’t everyone?) sent this brilliant set “to start Claudia’s career as a glamourpuss”; it’s in cashmere, darling! I think this will be the first one to get worn, as it’s the smallest, and Claudia should fit it… right about now, really. I promise to seek out the first opportunity to dress her up and show her off.
Thank you all so much. These lovely gifts warm my heart, they really do. And so beautifully made. You are all very lovely.

3 thoughts on “Such cuteness!

  1. Awww, your pics are so much better than mine! I obviously need to send all my FOs to you for Arminphotos.
    Speaking of Claudia in luxury yarns, does she actually have anything made from Posh Claudia?

  2. Armin is indeed the Photo King! And no, funnily enough no Posh Claudia. Clearly needs rectifying.

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