Hey there

Hey folks. How you doing? Alive? Kicking? Knitting. Good to hear that, good to know.
I think I’m starting to get back into some kind of groove myself. Claudia (who is RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous, as you can see below) has decided sleep is not the enemy after all, which helps. Time and rest are still in short supply, but to a less crazy-making extent. You know what this means? This, my friends, means there will be knitting.

At least I hope so. I have managed to do a little so far – just a little. When she was in the crazy no-sleep zone, I even made a lace shawl, knit almost entirely while sitting in a park with a sleeping baba in a sling. It’s utterly beautiful, I loved making it and look forward to wearing it. To iKnit Day Weekender. Okay, so it’ll be going over a baby wrap and that may look a little weird, but hey, priorities, right? I have to show off the knitting – even at the risk of looking like a dork.
(Nightsongs shawl, in pumpkin Sea Silk, with Ed Jenkins’ 4.5mm rosewood needles. Yum.)
Speaking of iKnit and such: no, Purlescence will not be selling there, nor at Ally Pally this year. I didn’t want to take the strain of exhibiting while Claudia is so small – and I’m really, really glad I made that choice. Next year however we will certainly be at iKnit, and at Knit Nation, though possibly again not at Ally Pally. (“What is Knit Nation?!” I hear you ask. Good question! It’s a really exciting event being organised by Alice Yu of Socktopus fame, and Cookie A. Yes, that Cookie A. Workshops, speakers, market stalls… it’s going to be amazing. It will be at Imperial College in London, from 28-31 July next year. No, there isn’t a website yet, but you can keep an eye on Alice’s blog for more details.)
Right then. So how are you all? And who’s going to be at iKnit? Not having to man the stand means I get to enjoy the show for once – I’m heading down there on Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you’ll be around.

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