At long last – our spring Handmaiden order has arrived, and with it, the new Swiss Mountain Sea Sock, which I had actually hoped would be here with last year’s autumn yarns. Oh yes. But it’s totally worth the wait. It’s amazing.
My first thought when I opened the box and saw this was “hang on, I wasn’t expecting more Camelspin…” Now, just a *slightly* longer look was enough to tell me that this isn’t actually very much like Camelspin at all. But if you know how much I love Camelspin, that might give you a clue as to how much I love this new yarn.
It’s basically Sea Silk + merino. (*Superwash* merino. It’s washable!) So: silky. Soft. Exquisite. But with that touch of sheepy warmth from the merino, hence the (slight) resemblance to Camelspin. I’m reluctant to describe it as a warm yarn, it’s definitely cool to the touch, but not as cool as pure silk or Sea Silk. I haven’t had a chance to knit with it yet, but oh boy, this is my next project for sure; I want something to show off at Knit Nation, so at my current glacial rate of knitting progress, I better start soon. (I’m thinking [Torreyana](pattern).)
PS. The other yarns (not new-to-me bases, just new colour stocks) are pretty great too. The last time I got in Bluefaced Leicester 2/8, the colourways I’d ordered didn’t work very well in that yarn, and I was pretty disappointed with it. But this bunch of colours are stunning. Overall all the new colours have been dyed beautifully, strong and glowing. Yummy.

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