Sweet harmony

Anyone who loves handpainted yarns knows they can be rather difficult lovers. Beautiful, but temperamental and sometimes just plain unco-operative – especially in lacework. All those gorgeous colour shifts tend to obscure the stitch pattern, and that’s without worrying about pooling! So, you have to pick your pattern with care. Simpler stitches are generally the best, but can be tedious to work if you prefer challenging projects.

Which is why I was so delighted with Carol Feller’s Captiva Wrap. It’s just a gorgeous wrap in any yarn, of course, but I think particularly well suited to variegated colourways: a series of garter-stitch wedges, with a scalloped lace edging, allow the colours to play without running wild. And it’s fun to make – short-row shaping as well as the edging, worked at the same time as the body, hold your attention without keeping you glued to the instructions.
I love it. What do you think?
Made using 3 skeins of Handmaiden’s gorgeous Mulberry Tussah blend.

One thought on “Sweet harmony

  1. Lovely! I also love variegated yarns but they can be a real pain when it comes to finding a pattern. I made the Ishbel with my Nova Scotia camelspin and it worked well. I think the key is that the item must be mostly plain with only a small bit of lace or patterning.

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