First Fall Knitty!

First fall? As in, autumn?! That can’t be right! Midsummer was only a couple of weeks away!
I guess we can’t fight the turning of the seasons. Autumn will indeed not be far away, and of course from a knitterly point of view, that’s very glad tidings – the season of knitting will be upon us! With some lovely treats from Knitty, reliable as ever, to tempt us into boots&gloves season.

Coquille looks beautiful, and so fun to make (I’m picturing it in a Gradiance set). Lady Godiva would be perfect for Lamina. And Ms Clarke looks like a perfect Sea Silk project to me. Imagine it in stardust, with those beads glittering along the bottom!
(By the way, this issue also has reviews of some of our favourite products: Namaste’s Wallet, Offhand’s Switch needle clutch and Handmaiden’s Swiss Mountain Silk Bamboo.)
As tempting as they are, though, it’ll be a while before I get to try any of these pretty new designs; I’m too busy working on something myself, using one of those great Gradiance sets…

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