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Mmmm pie!

So remember I told you how I don’t do baking?
Well, apparently the success of that bun in my oven has given me ideas. Or maybe it’s just that I’m spending so much time at home, with my lovely Elfling, I have developed more of an interest in the kitchen through simple exposure. Or maybe it’s because being a mommy is nudging repressed assumptions about what mommyhood is all about. In any case, I’ve been baking. Quite a lot, actually.
I’ve done brownies, and cakes, and muffins, and cookies, and even soda bread. But not pie. Pie somehow seemed like Serious Baking Business and a bit out of my league.

What was that all about?!
Okay, so I totally cheated and used ready-rolled puff pastry. But hey. Baby steps.
Also, I note sadly that my food photography is no better than my knitting photography, which is to say, not good at all, alas. This is intended as evidence, rather than showing off. It is a creamy fish and leek pie, and it was excellent. Even Elfling thought so – and she really isn’t very interested in food. But this! Every time I raised a fork to blow on it, she made anxious little panting noises in fear that it wasn’t going to end up in her own mouth…

One thought on “Mmmm pie!

  1. Awesome! I must tell you about my adventures into pie making using medieval recipes. It gives new meaning to ‘unusual ingredient combinations’!

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