There I thought sleep was supposed to be restful

So, stress dreams. The usual ones of course are where you’re taking an exam you haven’t studied for – or, in my case, haven’t even attended any lectures, or maybe never quite figured out where the class was actually being held.* A couple of years ago I noticed that, to my amazement, my subconscious seemed to be catching up a little to reality. Yes, I was still dreaming about those blasted exams and missed classes, but there was a bit less guilt and self-berating, because after all I had a business to run, how could I possibly expect to be a full-time student as well?! And then, one night, my subconscious got quite impressively mature and had a sit-down with a curriculum adviser to sort out my tangled schedule and degree plan. (It was quite a nice meeting. Apart from the fact we’re friends, she had an assistant whose entire job consisted of keeping her supplied with toast. In the dream. Reality, take notes.) This must have helped because I don’t think I’ve had another exam stress dream since.

No. Now, I have a new stress dream. In this version, I find myself at a knitting show, with a table, and about half an hour till the doors open, and I suddenly realise that I have unaccountably forgotten to bring my cash box… or display shelves… or, indeed, any stock.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this dream. I find shows much, much more stressful than I ever found exams. All that worries me, now, is: how long will it be before I stop having this one? There are no more shows in my foreseeable future, so I’d like to think I could stop worrying about them. Given that I took my last exam way back in 2001, I fear this particular stress may be with me for a while yet.


* I possibly shouldn’t admit this, but in fact this was true of one tutorial in second year. I managed to find the room exactly twice.

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