Admittedly, I’m only ever very vaguely aware of the day of the week (on account of Armin’s shift pattern, and my stay-at-home pattern), and Fridays really don’t mean anything at all to me except that our amazing cleaner comes and leaves the place all sparkly and delicious smelling, which is of course reason enough to love Friday.

But I do seem to be in a rather Friday state of mind today, anyway, viz: happily scatterbrained and looking forward to tomorrow. Esteemed Mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for a shortish visit, and I know she’s going to have such a very great time with Elfling (who is pure awesomeness these days; yes, even more so), so I can’t wait to see the two of them enjoying the hell out of each other.

Anyway. Scatterbrained, as I said. So here is a scattershot, random type of post.

1. This not-working thing is not getting old. I’m able to actually enjoy Claudia’s awesomeness, and yet at the same time, things are getting done. Slowly. I’m not in any particular hurry. But some semblance of order is starting to form out of the chaos of my life, and it is good. My to-do list seems to be under control, maybe even shrinking, which is… hard to fathom.

2. Other good things – things of the more concrete variety – include drain snakes and XBox Kinect. The former, cheap and dirty and making a small but significant improvement to my life. The latter, expensive and shiny and comes with the danger of lying unused once the novelty wears off… but, did I mention shiny?! Armin bought this for me specifically as a gym substitute (because it can be hard to get to gym these days). I know, I know: “games console” and “gym” don’t really belong in the same bracket AT ALL. But I hafta tell ya: the Your Shape “game” can be a pretty mean personal trainer. Ow.

Anyway, having acquired that (plus the Dance Central game, also big sweaty fun) for noble, calorie-burning-type reasons, we then had a games console, and a console needs games, and I hear good things about Dragon Age, and well… I haven’t even opened that particular box yet (it just arrived this morning). I do not know when I’m going to find the time to watch it. But this is the first video game I’ve ever bought myself, very nearly the first I’ve ever played, and I feel quite wonderfully frivolous and happy about it.

Someone told me, just before I left for the UK, that while I had done many things, I really needed to catch up on just being frivolous. I thought she was totally right but somehow in the past nine years, I haven’t managed to make it so. I think I might be about to start working on that.

3. This isn’t quite the scattershot, random Friday post I thought it was going to be, but let’s close with a final point: this post itself? All wordy and blahblah and pointless and happy? Is a very good indication of my state of mind, and the delight of my new life. Finding myself sitting at the pooter while Armin baths C, with a clear desk and a tidy room (the organising bug hit me hard last night), and admittedly not a totally empty in-tray but everything totally under control… basically, with both the motive and opportunity to write a rambling, unfocused, spontaneous bit of bloggery. That hasn’t happened since I don’t know when.

It pleases me.

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