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Knitting! Apparently I do some!

Small digression:* Armin has recently started to express a preference for me not knitting. This is alarming. I’ve always been knitting, and he’s always been fine with that. But apparently, that temporary loss of mojo during pregnancy/early mommyhood made him realise that he gets fractionally more of my attention when I am not holding needles. Dammit. He’s even started complaining that knitting in bed is “not sexy”. Huh? Wha? I can’t… Gah?

Anyway. The point! I have one. I have been knitting. Better than that, I have been finishing things. Two of them!

First, a gi-huge “colourful jersey”, as promised to Esteemed Father lo, these many moons ago.

You have to admit, it is colourful.

My own pattern, using bucketloads of Rowan Colourscape Chunky. Project notes here. I am not at all sure about this one. It matches exactly the measurements my dad gave me, but (a) he didn’t give me measurements for the arm width, and I suspect the armholes should be a bit deeper; (b) the proportions look really, really weird; (c) I dunno, eh? He wanted colourful. He got it. But I dunno. My original plan was to work the whole thing in 2-row stripes; I ditched that plan after a few inches, deciding the results were “muddy” (for that particular section). Should have stuck with it, though. Stripes would have been awesome. Grrr.

On the plus side, chunky yarn works up delightfully fast. That at least was a smart choice, on something this big. (90cm long!) I’m also pleased with the saddle shoulders and placket. Always good to try something new.

Anyway. Much happier with the project I finished the very next day.

Unicurves socks (Rav project link again), using Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in ebony. (Their colourways are of course notoriously tricky. Usually “ebony” includes some brown, or even blue. This is pure charcoal and I love it.)

Socks. Not much to say about socks, except that they look great, they feel great, I need many more handknit socks in my life, and Claudia really wants them too. This exact pair. “Baby wear pretty socks?” she asks. Not much concept of size, that girl… she keeps offering me her slippers, too.


* A digression before I’ve even started the main post is a quality digression.

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