This Will Not Do

One of these forecasts is for London. One is for Cape Town.

London, being in the northern hemisphere, is currently experiencing “summer”. Cape Town, the opposite. They should not match.

Now, I admit, Cape Town is much windier. And there is more “heavy rain” (although, Freemeteo doesn’t seem to be entirely aware of the astonishingly torrential sudden downpours we’ve been having). But still. Still. Why are all the dry days (never mind sunny ones) down south?

It’s been like this for weeks.

2 thoughts on “This Will Not Do

  1. It’s the same here in the PNW–yesterday, three days to the solstice, and our maximum (MAXIMUM, I tell you) was 58 F/ 14 C, with 100% chance of showers. I mean, I know we’re supposed to hang in there until after Independence Day for the really good weather, but really? 14 C?

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