Pic n mix

All the time I’m not blogging (see previous post, points 1, 2.b-d, 3.c) I accumulate mental debris in the form of vague, half-composed posts or intentions to post. Then I’m at keyboard and can’t for the life of me remember what I wanted to write about.

However, when I take photos, I also accumulate this sort of conceptual belly button fluff. Fluff that would maybe make good tweets, if I could tweet pics effectively from my phone. (I’ve tried sending to Twitpic. It tweets the photo with a line about “XYZ has sent you a photo!” rather than my so-carefully composed captions. Humph.) Since I can’t, I may as well clear out the belly button of my mind with a random photo dump right here. Lucky you, eh? In reverse chronological order…

Every so often, I take a great picture completely by accident. This one is nearly great. The colours are amazing, and weirdly, all pretty much true to life, although I totally didn’t notice this palette while taking the shot. It was just supposed to be a quick MMS snap, yet it came out so purty. If I’d only known, I would have fixed the composition. Oh well.

It was taken tonight, at Gaucho Richmond (the drink is a Viento Violeta, and utterly delicious). We were celebrating Armin’s birthday (which was on Wednesday, but he was working). It was also the first time we’d taken C to a Smart Restaurant. Totally worked, though am not sure whether to be impressed or appalled at how quickly she got the hang of making polite but firm requests of the wait staff.

This is hail. This was June. This is All Wrong. That is all.

Again, not sure whether to be impressed or appalled. On one hand, damn straight. On the other, why only for men? Because men do more parenting? Because men are sensitive flowers and suffer more from the fatiguing effects of what parenting they do? Why?

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