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Things I need/want/like to do with whatever time I have “to myself” when Elfling is otherwise occupied (a non-exhaustive list, in no particular order):

1. Sleep. Less urgent than it used to be, since Elfling now usually sleeps through the night; and yet, at times, still pretty urgent.
2. Read. I remember reading. It was nice.
3. Knit. This actually happens! Thank gods for a hobby that can be done while doing other things – even while toddler-tending.
4. Blog. High on my want-to list; low on the have-to. You see the result.
5. Blog about Elfling. A bit higher on the have-to, as the fan club has certain Expectations.
6. Perform triage on my email or real-life inbox and do assorted paperworky things. Not so high on the want-to, but high on the have-to, so this is usually what happens first (and frequently last, and everything in between) when I sit at my desk.
7. Design. (By which I mean, not so much actual knitting, more pattern writing and so on). High on want-to, but low urgency, and requires much concentration – therefore, large chunks of time without fear of interruption – so, not as much progress there as I would like. To put it mildly.
8. Do freelance editing work, if I have it. This naturally takes precedence over all the rest, when applicable, but it hasn’t been that frequent.

Time I can reasonably expect to have “to myself”:

a. 10 hours nightly when she’s asleep. Priority given, in this time, to #1 and #3 from the first list.
b. 1-2hrs of naptime, five days a week, if she actually does nap.
c. 2hrs of preschool, twice a week.
d. 2–3hrs when she’s taken out by her grampa, once a fortnight or so.
e. Amorphous and at best semi-predictable chunks of time when she is either with Armin, or playing independently (as she is right now). Great to have this time, but not reliable. Weeks or months can go by when it’s practically non-existent.

What I did with her preschool time this week:

i. On Tuesday, wrote half a blog entry.
ii. Today, wrote the other half of the blog entry.
iii. Five minutes before going to pick her up from preschool, lost that second half in a little internet moment.

I’ll finish that blog post next week, I guess. Meanwhile, when you wonder why I’m not writing so much? Now you know.

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