Let’s hope it’s a good one

Having rationalised at length about how much I didn’t get done in 2011, what do I want to get out of 2012?

Clean dat boat. Not entirely literally of course, but, a clear mind requires clear surroundings: I want to declutter, rationalise, and tidy. Some storage thingies might help. And in particular, creating (and maintaining) a clean desk and orderly routine should help get me on track to setting my course for… wherever it might be.

Get up to date. Really this is part of the above, but merits its own line since I really need to focus on this: sorting out all the half-finished designs I have here. There’s nothing amazingly exciting, but they must be finished.

Get healthy(ish). I made some progress toward fitness last year, with the trampoline and the Kinect and zumba class; I was doing pretty well, but lost the plot a bit thanks to a combination of outside factors (the starting preschool drama, work, holiday, blah). So, more of that, please.

And finally…

Knit, dammit, knit. Without rules or pressure. I’m on such a roll right now, and enjoying it so much. Churned out another five small knits over Christmas; spent a few happy hours t’other day lining up my next half-dozen or so projects, bagging up yarn and patterns all ready to go. Yes, patterns. I’m not ready to slow myself down by doing any of my own designing right now: it feels too good to just sit down, follow instructions and get actual warm woollies at the end of it! So, contrary to my usual overambitious habits: I’m going to focus on the things I (and Claudia) need to wear. And make sure they’re delivered. And then ā€“ when that puffed-up stash has been taken down a peg or two, and I’ve got a bit of productive mojo back, and I’ve learned some new tricks from other, smarter designers ā€“ then, no doubt, I’ll be itching to work on the pretties inside my head.

But first: I’ll just knit.

Happy new year, everyone!

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