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So Elfling recently lost the Elfhat that I my mother made* her in infant days, which she hadn’t yet quite outgrown. (It was designed to grow with her, and did.) Woe! And, time for a new hat. She picked out the yarns from my stash, and was absolutely adamant that they had to be used together. Behold: new Elfhat.

So darn cute.


* I had a design in mind, but no time to knit. So my mom translated that concept into reality. Which took a lot of working out, as well as all the actual knitting (4ply yarn, chevron border: 234st cast-on!), and yet I kept on – quite innocently – talking about the hat “I” made. I really struggled to remember that I hadn’t made it, only wanted to! Shame on me for stealing credit, though…


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