Happy things

Happy Sunday, people! I am smiling because…

1. The sun is out. And it is actually warm.

2. Elfling is sleeping. I thought she’d given up on naps entirely for a while there, and possibly this won’t last (she’s getting over a nasty bout of flu, as are we all, and also tuckered out from a long day yesterday and playground this morning) – but still: she is sleeping, and not only that, she is sleeping without benefit of num-nums. Ooooh.

3. I got some really pretty yarn at Unravel yesterday. I was extremely restrained and stayed dead on my shopping plan; which was unfortunately completely counteracted by an online splurge late at night when I just had to buy yarn to go with the Unravel yarn… and I’ve already decided (while lying awake with Elfling in middle of the night) that actually my splurge yarn must be used for something else entirely, so arguably, I still “need” more yarn to go with yesterday’s purchases. So. Um. Oops. But, pretty yarn, and a lovely day out (bonus points to Elfling for being extremely sweet and patient, considering). And theoretically at least I know how I’m paying for it, because…

4. I have a new freelance gig. Getting a new work-from-home client is always fantastic, so this is fantastic. Even though it’s unbelievably, excruciatingly, inhumanly boring work, and masses of it, which is going to be really hard to deal with in the loneliness of my home office. So, I admit, I’m not smiling as much as I maybe should be about this. But: the sun is out! I have income! Smiles are clearly in order.

Right. Time to get started on that excruciatingly dull job, then. Tallyho!

One thought on “Happy things

  1. Congrats on the new income – even if it’s not the most exciting work. Yay for cash!

    And will we see any pictures of this yarn splurge? 🙂

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