3 thoughts on “Poking fun at some men is offensive to all men. Apparently.

  1. Hi woollythinker! I followed the pingback from Kim’s place. Calling out sexism and male privilege is grossly offensive to men generally. In my experience, if men are upset about it then you know you’re on the money. Still, it shocks me to see that even such a mild, good-natured ribbing, such as Feminist Dad, can cause such a stir. You would think that Nice Men are just as concerned about sexism as we are.

    1. Well, exactly. It’s not news to me that men get offended by such things in general… but this particular comic is so very mild, and so clearly not about *all men*, just one particular male behaviour… and well, really? You have to get bent out of shape about that? Really? Baffling. I’m so fed up with the Nice Guys.

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