Those twisted Germans

Twisted German cast-on. Very twisted. Very stretchy. Did you all know about this? It never ceases to amaze me that you can be constantly finding, or inventing (or unventing) new ways to achieve every possible element of knitting… it’s never entirely under your belt.

As much as we all enjoy mindless knitting from time to time, the projects that are most satisfying are the ones that teach you something. I usually don’t know what that will be until it’s done, though; I tend to discover things along the way. My favourite new trick learned last year is the chain-free foundation in crochet; way more fun, and useful, than making a loooooong (and in my case, inevitably wonky) chain. A double-crochet row made this way is beautiful, elastic and I think an excellent alternative to I-cord. Unless you really love knitting I-cord. Apparently some people do. Freaks.

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