Pro/con list

Lousy things about pregnancy (an inexhaustive list, in no particular order):
1. That nasty metallic taste in your mouth all the time.
2. Constant thirst, requiring drinking lots of water, which tastes nasty (see 1 above).
3. Intense hunger, combined with total loss of appetite. Forcing oneself to eat when absolutely nothing looks good is no fun.
4. Constant nausea… or worse.
5. The weight gain (which really doesn’t seem fair when, as per 3 above, one has no appetite).
6. Being unable to drink coffee or wine (both of which are totally okay for pregnant ladies in my book, in small quantities, but the pregnant body has its own ideas).
7. Having brie, pate, sushi and suchlike Good Things expressly forbidden.
8. The moles.
9. Insomnia. Seriously not fair, given the exhaustion.
10. Oh yes, I haven’t mentioned the exhaustion yet. The EXHAUSTION.
11. Knowing that you’re not going to be less than exhausted for a good two years or so to come.
12. Stretch marks. I don’t care if they fade, zebra stripes are not a good look for a tummy.
13. Backache.
14. Sciatica.
15. Bloating.

Good things about pregnancy:

I guess it works out.

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