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Hm… what is a very small messenger?

A pigeon, of course. (You were expecting a joke? Sorry.)

This is my latest self-published design (it’s a very short list!) – a simple mini messenger bag in two sizes, suitable for kids or adults who want to carry just a few things with the minimum of bulk. Linen stitch is pretty stable, so you won’t have to line it – and I’d highly recommend trying this with a variegated yarn, or striping to use up scraps, as this stitch also plays beautifully with colour changes!

Consider this as a quick Christmas gift, or a handy accessory for yourself. It’s free from Ravelry.

8 thoughts on “Hm… what is a very small messenger?

    1. Oh, I hear you. Just been getting quite depressed at the miserably limited, boring styles and colours of boys’ clothes. Anyway thanks! It’s Monsoon of course (bought secondhand).

      1. So far H&M seems to be the best option for boys, at least on my budget: not too many cartoon characters or footballs (ick!), and plenty of nice knitwear, tops, trousers etc in something other than blue, blue, blue…

        1. Yes, someone (was it you?) recommended them on twitter and indeed I was much encouraged to take a peek. It doesn’t all have to be navy blue rugby shirts… not *all*. (I mean, I like blue just fine! I just don’t like the dull, muddy version of it that seems to prevail. And of course, there are other colours.)

          1. It might have been me: I am a recent convert. E has some lovely jeans in interesting colours (rust red, teal blue etc) for the winter from there. It’s just so hard to find clothes for boys which aren’t covered in Thomas, Batman, footballs, Tigger (Disney version) etc… That, or assertions that they are a cheeky little monkey/a bit of a lad/trouble. *facepalm*

        2. H&M are definitely the best on the high street, by a very long way, although we also occasionally manage to find plain bright coloured basics like tracksuit trousers and long-sleeved bodysuits in Boots or M&S.

          Then there are the gorgeous Scandinavian brands like Duns of Sweden, or Smafolk, but I need to be feeling very prosperous and have found them on a very special offer.

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