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Creative endeavours

It’s been a big week for me. Two projects have come to fruition… one, a small but I think rather lovely pattern has finally been published. So I finally get to show off the fabulous photos of my fabulous daughter.

IMG_5089 IMG_5039 IMG_5187


No false modesty here. Come on, she’s clearly awesome.

Also awesome: project number 2.

Introducing Maximilian Luc, born late on 11 January in a great rush, and taking it easy ever since.

I’d love to write much, much more, but this project is more of an ongoing thing and (funnily enough) taking up even more of my time since launch, so… later?

5 thoughts on “Creative endeavours

  1. Congratulations! They are both absolutely lovely, of course, but I think the stunningly blue eyes in photo number 1 win all kinds of prizes. Glad to hear Maximillian is doing well x

  2. 1. Congratulations and welcome Max!
    2. I hate to say that I told you so but I did suggest that it might be a bit premature of you to expect the worst – I’m so glad that Max is a mellow little chap. Long may it last and I wish you many hours of sleep!


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