5 Things

Some things

1. Everything sucks.

2. I miss blogging. I have no time for blogging. But I do miss it.

3. Some time ago I was inspired by better bloggers to nobly intend to do “five things” posts. It seemed manageable. You’ll note I never actually did it, and this hardly seems like the time to start. Still, who can say? I might. Or I might just occasionally randomly post a random number of things. It is, however, extremely likely that if and when I do post, it will be in the form of random lists, rather than cogently argued and intricately constructed Discussions. I suspect you’ll survive. 

4. Unfortunately it is quite likely that these random things will, for a time, be excessively whiny. (See #1 above.) Only for a time. If you find this offputting (and who could blame you) I suggest you come back in a few months. Either I still won’t be posting anything ever, or I will have gotten over my whininess. I’m pretty sure that the ubiquitous suckage will be over in a bit. 

5. Why is everything about elephants? Eating an elephant one bite at a time (what we’re doing). Trying to align my Rider and Elephant (why being an expat is so hard). The elephant in the room (not at all relevant to my current situation, that I can think of, but a really common idiom). For a creature utterly unlikely to actually be encountered in most people’s everyday lives, the pachyderm gets an awful lot of linguistic play.

4 thoughts on “Some things

  1. Sorry for the suckage, love.

    There’s also (at least in America), “Quick – now don’t think of pink elephants.” (Illustrating how hard it is to not think about something you’ve been instructed to not think about. Which may also be relevant to your situation.)

  2. I don’t think anyone would mind if you wanted to be a bit whiny: this is your space, and if you want to whine, have at it! I do my fair share of that on my blog, I know. I really hope things feel better soon, but in the meantime I’m adding a virtual hug.

    Unfortunately, I have very few bits of handy elephant-related trivia. I do know how you get four of them in a mini, though. Also a rhinoceros…

  3. Re elephants – for us, it is of course rather likely to encounter these beautiful creatures (when we escape the city, of course). For example, last trip we stayed at Tsendze, a lovely “rustic bush camp” in northern Kruger, where we pretty much saw elephants and buffalo, and a few antelope of various sorts in between. And a “bird” spotted by Spot – “like an ostrich but smaller”. ???. Turns out it was a kori bustard. Well, afterwards we were commenting on what a fabulous trip we’d had, and Miss Muffet says “yes, just a pity we didn’t see any wild animals”. I guess we are very spoilt!

    1. Show off! Mind you, I’m one to talk. All this bragging about my lovely bucolic home could be construed as “showing off”. Hard to construe it any other way, really…

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