5 Things · land of cheese and chocolate

Some things that do not suck

1. Elfling. Elfling is awesome. She’s been basically trapped in this chaotic flat for weeks, without ready access to most of her toys and books, with parents who are tired and grumpy and pretty much useless for playing with or even talking to. When she goes out, people can’t talk to her properly (most kids can’t understand her at all). But she’s cheerful, resourceful, irrepressible. She bounces around playing with whatever kids she encounters,  talking happily even when they don’t answer, never discouraged. Stuck indoors with us, she makes up her own entertainment. There is sometimes whining and stroppiness – no surprise. But overall she is just amazing.

2. Switzerland, apart from its banking, does not suck. It’s beautiful and peaceful and the natives are friendly and I’m really happy to be here. Really.

3. Having a car really doesn’t suck. It feels, in fact, like the most amazing luxury. (Also terrifyingly huge. But awesome.)

Something that does suck: the realisation that in the biting an elephant metaphor, I am a mosquito. My bites don’t make it smaller at all. Just mad.

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