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5 things (Sunday 2 June 2013)

1. Today was Cleaning Day, making it the first time since moving in that we’ve actually gotten to SEE what this flat really looks like with our stuff in, without piles of moving crud. It’s rather nice.

2. I’m inordinately pleased at going to bed with a clean, tidy house, a tidy desk, etc. Have that virtuous and completely unrealistic Will Maintain Good Habits and Keep This Feeling! feeling.

3. Also have a neat little list in my diary of Things To Do tomorrow, including very important bureaucratic type phone calls, which I hate more than you can imagine. I mean, everybody hates them. But I hate picking up the phone for any reason ever, so, well. But if I actually get them done then FIFTY POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR. Except I’m def not a Gryffindor. Never thought about what house I’d be actually… maybe a Hufflepuff? Kind of a quiet, behind-the-scenes type of house?

4. Tomorrow is Armin’s first day of work. I am not happy about this. I mean, obviously, he needs to work. We need to eat and pay rent and stuff. Yay work. But man. I am not thrilled with the look of his shift schedule (although no overnights, yay) and I am so, so, so exhausted and not looking forward to being the one literally holding the baby all day (almost) every day.

5. I don’t think this is how the 5 things thing is supposed to go. I’m supposed to be listing 5 Moments, not 5 Whines. Oops. Must try harder.

One thought on “5 things (Sunday 2 June 2013)

  1. #2!!! Hahaha. Yeah. 4 drives to the tip earned me a clean tidy dining room. I keep AIMING to keep it tidy. But my handbag is already on the side chair….

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