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5 Things (Tues 4 June 2013)

1. Armin started his new job yesterday. He seems to think this means he’s terribly busy and important, but we all know really it means he’s dead lucky because he gets time off babywrangling practically every day! For hours and hours at a stretch!

2. Walking home from the shop today (veh nice shop btw, gorgeous fresh produce and they have those little child-sized trolleys which cause Elfling intense joy) I had a definite Moment. Fresh air, open fields, a kite of some kind (bird, not toy) circling overhead… I’m really quite pleased to be here. Despite being unbelievably exhausted.

3. It’s particularly hard to speak Foreign when exhausted. We have lovely friendly neighbours – for years I’ve been hearing about how cool or even hostile the Swiss are to new people, especially Ausländer, but so far we’re experiencing the exact opposite – and my only complaint is that they are TOO DAMN FRIENDLY. Well no, they’re completely lovely, but they want to TALK to me. And generating small talk in Foreign? Too hard.

4. Flat is still tidy. Ha! Take that, entropy! 

5. Ten and a half weeks to go till Elfling starts kindergarten. Not that I’m counting.

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