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5 Things, with fun stuff to do

1. I’ve always maintained that haberdashers and hardware shops are basically the same thing – stuff for making and fixing. I’m pleased to note that Swiss retailers are similarly inclined. Migros (supermarket) has sewing essentials in the DIY section, and Coop Bau & Hobby is like Homebase with added felting/beading/painting stuff. No actual haberdashery, it’s true. But I feel their hearts are in the right place.

2. Dude loves having his nappy changed. I may have mentioned before how the changing table is at times his favourite place to relax. Now, new twist: he is highly amused by having his T-shirt taken off, giggling not just while I remove it, but even in anticipation. Adorable little freak.

3. Assembling joy! My Werkhaus organizer arrived yesterday and was unpacked today. Putting it together was a total treat and took me back to assembling little balsamwood doll furniture kits.


Elfling took one look at this and went to get her Lego.*Image

Fun for the whole family!


I like this item a lot. My “desk” is actually a dining table (Ikea Norden, I’m very fond of it, beautiful glossy pale wood – ignore the yellow light in this pic) and therefore drawer-less. This little thing does pretty much everything I want from drawers plus pen holder plus letter stand plus in-trays, in a lot less space. Admittedly, it would be great aesthetically (and psychologically) to have an unimpeded desk surface – but until I get rich and have a big studio with a big desk and manylots drawers, this is the awesomest.

4. Elfling likes to make up songs. Today she was prancing around singing to Max, very cheerfully, “We can visit our friends any time we like! Yes we can visit our friends any time we like! Except when they go awa-ay… and that is sa-ad… That is very sa-ad… The only people we know in Switzerland are Grosspapi and Grosi, yayay! Yay Grosspapi and Grosi!… Mama is the best person to look after us… but sometimes she has to go ou-out…”
Enough with the guilt trips, kid. (Ten and a half weeks to kindergarten.)

5. There was much awesomeness in the milk box** today. Turns out, being insufferably whiny about my tragically difficult move to this unbearably awful country didn’t get me slapped, it got me a present! Wow. Lovely Juliet sent me a care package with – get this – The Knitter, plus some Tosh Sock and Loft! She really knows how to spoil a person. Thank you so much, Juliet.


Nope. I’m not sharing.

* Yes, that’s a Lego Friends set and no, I haven’t changed my opinion. It was a birthday present.
** Swiss letterbox includes a “milk box” compartment underneath, for bulky items (like, say, milk, not that I think we can actually still get milk deliveries – I kind of miss that, we got lovely proper milk bottles in London).

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