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5 things (with bragging)

1. I went for a little run today – the first time in almost a year, probably (i.e. since baby/pregnancy). My little 4.36km run around the neighbourhood took me through fields, vineyards and forests, with lake and Alp views. (Admittedly the Alps are pretty far – but you can still see them, on a clear day!) It is not hard to find motivation to go running in such circumstances. 

2. Actually, it is not hard to find such motivation anyway, because running means ALONE TIME. Pardon the caps lock but ALONE, ALL ALONE, DO YOU FEEL ME? DO YOU? DO YOU?

3. I also depilated my legs today, and painted my nails and toenails (along with Claudia’s). This makes me approximately 1,000% more groomed than I have been in lo, these many moons. Add the ironing I did this morning (linen tops! linen trousers! awesome but WRINKLY) and you could almost say I’m Pulling Together a Summer Look. At any rate I feel a lot better for it. I’m sorry, my inner feminist is really quite embarrassed about all this, but I really do feel better.

4. We also achieved Cleaning this weekend, as planned. It did pretty much take all weekend, because most of yesterday was taken up with me in a state of dire exhaustion* enacting Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown** and then most of today was me claiming some Personal Time, as a result of which I do feel a lot better. Yesterday my Alone Time (when Armin wisely collected the kids for A Little Walk) was spent cleaning. My own choice, and not as martyrish as it sounds. I tried to sleep, couldn’t, put on some music and cleaned. It felt really good to be doing something productive without interruptions. Really. It did. So today Armin did the outstanding jobs and we have a clean flat to start the week. I am quite proud of this, and the fact that I’ve been maintaining order quite effectively in general. This is a nice home to be in. Yay us.

5. Dude is at that tricky stage where he wants to be on our laps and grab, grab, grabbing our food and everything else. Dangerous! I took pity on him today and gave him a bit of yoghurt. He seemed to like it so much, he thought he was really getting away with something.



* Dude has Not Been Sleeping Well. Have I mentioned? I think I’d better not go into details for fear of Oh that’s intereszzzzz, but let’s just mention that for about every 45 min in my bed lately, I spend an hour in the chair by his cot. 
** Swinging excitingly between yelling and crying! Fun for the whole family! Elfling says it’s okay though, “you’re still good.” 

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