5 things (with moves like Jagger)*

1. Today I reaped the fruits of yesterday’s oh so braggable phone call and took Elfling to check out a dance class. Now, here’s the history:

(a) she is by nature Slow to Warm Up; we used to go to a playgroup that had a Bollykidz dance teacher for a while, and it was awesome (come on, just picture it: toddlers! Bollywood! awesome), but she absolutely could NOT seem to get stuck in. I’ve heard kids like this described as “hitting record” instead of play, which is about right: observe, study, take it all in, don’t on any account let yourself get distracted by actual involvement.

Anyway, so (b) when she originally started ballet class, I fully expected her to have a hard time getting started, but she actually took to it really well. That teacher’s method for getting kids started was to have mom join in on the first class (but never again were we allowed in the room). Worked great.

(c) Since she was so used to her old dance class, and really missing it, I somehow didn’t expect a new class to be a big deal. Was I right? Go on. Guess.

(d) Of course I bloody well wasn’t. Because this class is way different, and has bigger kids, doing very different things, and most of all speaking Foreign. Not just German, but Swiss German. So you can imagine how un-clued in she felt.

(e) Upshot? “I will just watch Mommy. I don’t want to join in. I’m not used to it. I don’t know how to do that. Can’t. Don’t want to. Won’t. But I do want to come to this class again. But I won’t join in next week – the day after I will. I’m not used to it.”

Oh well. It’s an awesome class, though: more a mix of dance/movement and gymnastics, and a LOT of fun. Also a better gender mix. I’m pleased.

2. Elfling may have been the one due to dance today, but I’m the one who actually did. In my mission to finally Get Some Exercise (I’ve been doing something every other day since, oh, last Monday; that’s huge, right?) I broke out Dance Central for the first time in A While. I am sort of embarrassed mentioning this, because that’s (a) so, like, three years ago, right? And (b) for teenagers, surely?** But dude, that’s a lot of fun, that game. I’d forgotten.

3. Typing this post is a whole lot harder than it should be, because internet suckage. In signing up for an internet deal (+ phone + TV) we pretty much had to go with Cablecom, because the flat is wired for them. Their pricing structure is based on different internet speed tiers. Foolishly we didn’t choose the highest. Never had to think about what our speed is before, it’s just There. Live and learn (and try to change our deal soonest).

4. Otoh, Dude hasn’t been interrupting me as much as expected this evening, so that’s something? His sleep has been… Quite Bad. There may be a post on that coming up. It won’t be pretty, and shouldn’t be written, but it may happen. I’m just warning you.

5. Gin. Ahhhhh, gin. That is all.


* Nobody actually had any Moves Like Jagger today, but it used to feature in Elfling’s London tap class. Ho yuss. That and the Pink Panther theme.

** Not honestly sure about this. Do suspect main audience is 40-somethings Dad dancing around the living room. Not cool, anyway.

One thought on “5 things (with moves like Jagger)*

  1. Hey there,

    Congrats on the move and I feel ya on the internet (though ours is now fixed by changing provider) and Quite Bad sleep fronts. My little addition is also Not Good at doing the sleep thing (I think colic must be due to a major design flaw). Have Hugs!

    And go you on the exercise! I’ve completely failed on that front so far. 😦

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