5 Things · In the family way

6 things. Yes, 6. Don’t get used to it.

1. I startled a deer on my run this morning. Which, considering that I really don’t go far for my run (today’s was about a 6.5km loop, but the thing is, it starts pretty much from my door – I don’t have to get myself to the forest to start running, I just run there), basically means we have deer in our back garden. Admittedly there are a bunch of other houses in that garden too. It’s a big garden. We’re very accommodating.

2. Elfling clearly misses having a (real) garden – even the hanky-sized bit of grass we used to call our own. She keeps asking things like, why don’t we have a mower? Because we don’t have any grass to mow. “But we could use the neighbours’ garden!” Ah. Ahaha. Please don’t offer, they might say yes.

3. With daddy at work this afternoon/evening, I took the kids on a little summer outing all by myself. Just a little bus ride to a castle, no big deal.


I researched it myself, figured out the public transport, spoke to people in German and everything. Go me! Only, poor little Dude got pretty stressed out at certain points, which did spoil the party a bit. Never mind: Elfling still got to go on her first ever pony ride. In a circle. Around and around. I’d say “what’s the point” but it’s basically a live action carousel, and she loves the carousel, so. There was also chocolate ice cream and a turquoise balloon, meaning all in all, she’d find it pretty hard to imagine a better day.


4. If Elfling tells you she’s tired, understand two things. (a) She is VERY tired indeed. (b) She is highly amused, and sharing the joke. “I’m tired! I’m sleepy!” Roars of laughter.

5. As of yesterday, we have a bedroom! WE HAVE A BEDROOM! Um, okay, so obviously we have technically had a bedroom all along. Did not suddenly achieve overnight extension. However, we now have a bedroom, with actual furniture, that we can sleep in. AND store clothing in! (Or will once the cupboard shelves and drawers are installed…) This is monumental and marvellous – as is my glorious super-king-size bed. It’s glorious even though it’s not very glorious at all, being a chipboard item from Ikea. I really didn’t expect that. I have a deepseated resistance to chipboard stuff, and while I respect and appreciate Ikea’s solid wood stuff, I find the whole notion of a chipboard bed… disturbing. Yet here we are. Not because it was cheap, but because it has Storage. Four huge drawers under the bed, and cunningest of all, shelves tucked into the headboard, thus obviating the need for nightstands, and saving both money and space. Turns out my fervent belief that one’s Bed is a sacred thing and should be solid and beautiful can be twisted into a fervent belief in the sacred beauty of Storage.

6. However. Having a bedroom has a dark side. The pre-bedroom was the dumping zone for all the stuff we couldn’t/wouldn’t deal with, and apparently, fostered the dangerous delusion that we were actually getting somewhere. Now, all that stuff has been stirred up and moved out of the bedroom into the study, and… it’s not pretty.

I feel like we’ve been sitting around the table strewn with plates picked almost clean, enjoying the post-feasting peace, and then I turn around and… there it is. A gutted but still pretty damn mammoth elephant carcass still on the spit.

Damn elephant.

Damn bedroom.


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