5 things (with maternal guilt)

1. As my Twitter tribe already knows, I done get me a job this week. I’m still a bit shell-shocked. I do three trial days at the end of July and (assuming they go well) start properly in September. The hours are right (60%, ie probably three full days a week) but the pay is bad, the location hideous, the prospects terrible. Still, as Armin points out, I can always quit. Which is refreshing. 

2. Naturally, having been gagging for a part-time job to get me out of the bloody house, I am now having a full-scale meltdown over childcare and abandoning of my parental responsibilities etc etc. Don’t say anything encouraging, please, I would give short shrift to anyone else wibbling in this way and I KNOW it’s crap. But still. Poor Elfling, so many changes, yadayada. Poor Dude, so ickle, such betrayal, blah. Somebody slap me. 

3. Also, as a friend said in a succession of texts – one per word – “Are. You. Mad?” Meaning, is this really going to make my life easier? Not just increase the exhaustion and misery? A valid question. Very, very valid. 

4. Change of subject (probably past time, since the previous 3 things are really just subdivisions of 1 thing, which could be considered cheating): lookee! Elfling designed a cushion cover.


(Cover sewn, v badly, by me from other curtain offcuts.)

5. By chance, Elfling and I got to see a parade of oldtimer cars in Watt yesterday – everything from Mustangs and MGs to Volksie buses and, well, just everything. Apparently this happens every week, though the route varies. 


To their credit, even those driving open vehicles hadn’t let themselves be put off by the weather…


even the fire engine had a team in the back, helmeted and ready to rescue anyone in need. Thanks to my amazing photographic skillz of course you can see them perfectly.



I hope you’re similarly impressed with this awesome view of the historic ambulance.



These are really top class pics. I wonder if I can sell them to a local paper.




One thought on “5 things (with maternal guilt)

  1. It is never easy balancing the childcare with our own wants and needs. It is important for most of us to have a life outside being a mum so don’t be too hard on yourself. The regime has to change a lot as the kids grow up and have different needs at different times, so this phase will not last too long. If it gets too stressful for everyone, have a rethink, but opportunities are there to be taken. Good luck with it. x

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