Week 1 in verbs

I feel like trying a new thing. (Not a new concept in blogging, far from it, just new for me.) It may well not last, but I’m trying it. A nice, nerdy, brief list of the week’s stuff. More for me than for you, frankly, because isn’t blogging all about the narcissism?

This week I have been:

Reading Kate Atkinson’s Started Early, Took My Dog. A Jackson Brodie book. I love these, even though I’m not much of a crime fan. This one’s a bit of a slow burner so far (140 pages in) but enjoyable. (I recently read Life After Life, which was brilliant and miserable and compelling and unsatisfying and I’m really not quite sure how I feel about it. Hoping for a better/simpler result this time.)

Knitting Armin’s Christmas socks (not finished by Christmas, nor even by year-end, but at least by the end of the holidays) – Furlough, no pics yet – followed by a simple, boring knit for me: a loop to keep my head and neck and possibly chin warm when running. Finished last night, now making matching mitts. Pics and hopefully pattern to come.

Working on assorted personal/household organisey sort of things. I had a long list at the start of the hols, and frankly have done a bit better than expected, though obviously not nearly finished.

Visiting the zoo; Armin took some rather nice pics. None of which are of the famous penguin parade, which was cute but oversubscribed, or the very impressive rainforest (it was getting dark by then). Or the gorillas. I’m not sure why. The gorillas were great (babies playing!). We’re looking forward to going back, with more snacks next time so that Elfling doesn’t get fed up so quickly. Anyway, the zoo is awesome. Gorgeous location, gorgeous design, gorgeous animals.

Spending Christmas vouchers (the Glatt shopping centre issues them in the form of delightfully heavy gold coins in velvet bags!), on a soundplate for our TV/Bluray player (also our only source of music in the lounge). Nice!

Watching The last of Game of Thrones, Great Gatsby, Pacific Rim and the start of Breaking Bad. Which is almost more than the sum total of all the TV we’ve watched since moving to CH, and not likely to be maintained at anything like this level.

And today husky sledding! Surprise actual item of note at the end there. Just to test if you’re still awake. I set this up ages ago, for a planned article in the magazine that probably no longer exists. Went ahead and did it despite the imminent demise of said publication, because (a) might be able to sell it to another publication, and (b) some evidence exists of straws, for grasping at. Anyway. Huskies! Are awesome.

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