The warm-up zone

Here I am warming up a brand new website, and I have just the thing! Two new patterns – only my second and third for-sale offerings ever; I’m still warming up on that front too – designed especially for cold-weather runners. Or other sporty types needing to warm up in the great outdoors. Or, hell, anyone, really. But I actually made them for me, for my winter runs. 

I needed something to keep the freezing cold off my ears and neck – but once the blood is pumping, I needed to feel that fresh air again! With this loop I have the perfect solution. Wrap it around my head and neck to start with, then lower and loosen as I warm up. 

Click picture to view details or buy pattern on Ravelry.
Click picture to view details or buy pattern on Ravelry.

To make them, I found a great Swiss yarn that combines cotton, wool and nylon in an absolutely perfect blend. Lang Classico is bouncy, smooth and warm without being sweat-inducing; it feels as comfortable as cotton, but as cozy as wool. It’s held double for the loop; if you buy 4 balls, you’ll end up with two half-balls that – serendipity! – each make exactly one snug, stretchy mitt.

Click picture to view details or buy pattern on Ravelry.
Click picture to view details or buy pattern on Ravelry.

I had to go for pink, because I crave B R I G H T colour in the grey winter months. (The presence of my 5-year-old Elfling in the yarn shop with me may or may not have also influenced the purchase decision.) And while my everyday wardrobe doesn’t contain much in the rose-to-raspberry spectrum, I figured I could let loose while working out. I think this energetic colour adds a bit of bounce to my step!

Can the Runaround set help you hit your stride? This month, the loop pattern is free with purchase of the mitts pattern. Just add both to your Ravelry cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Have fun out there!

2 thoughts on “The warm-up zone

  1. I don’t have much to contribute in terms of knitting, but you look gorgeous! I wish that I was able to knit (and run) so that I could make this for myself.

    1. Aw, thank you! Just you wait, you’ll be knitting soon enough. And running, why not – bet your mom will do all the cheerleading you need!

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