Change of address

I grew up as a nomad – until about 10 years ago, I was averaging more than one move a year. For my entire life. Things have slowed down a bit since then (we spent five years at our last address, and are shooting for the same here), but apparently I’ve made up for it with nomadic online habits, starting and abandoning blogs terribly carelessly. (Not entirely true, but let’s not bother to unpick that.) You can take a girl off the road, but you can’t take the road out of the girl?

Moving on from that clumsy phrase, let me explain: I have a new home on the web. Studio Miranda is the place for all my professional(ish) ventures, which right now mostly means a tiny (but growing – see, new release!) handful of knitting patterns, and an invitation to Hire Me! for editorial pursuits. Other things are in the works, though. Oh aren’t they just.

My knitblogging efforts, such as they are, will be relocated there. Some personal posts will no doubt turn up in due course. As for this woollyheaded place… who knows, frankly? In the past, I’ve found that trying to run separate blogs doesn’t work very well for me. But I’m also aware of the need to keep a professional(ish) tone. The blogs I love, professional ones included, all include a healthy dose of personal content – sometimes even an unhealthy dose – but still, one must have boundaries. I hear those are handy. I’m not sure yet whether that will mean posting some things here alone (and unlinking my Twitter account), or not at all, or accidentally forgetting all about those weird “boundaries” people keep talking about so sternly.

I would, however, love you, my faithful followers, you few, you happy few, to join me at the studio. Good times ahead, really. Good times.

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